Azrael Hex

Editor-in-Chief of Gothic Culture Magazine

Azrael is the founder and owner of Gothic Culture Magazine, a product of Hexed Multi Media & Publishing LLC. Azrael is a filmmaker, screenwriter, photographer, and musician. His involvement and love for Gothic Culture shows with every issue produced. Azrael owns Hexed Photography and is always looking for new Gothic Fashion clients to shoot.

Instagram @Azrael_Hexx

Photography Instagram @Hexed_photography

Yoshi Itoku

Staff writer & reviewer

Yoshi is a Marketing and Communications professional with over 10 years industry experience. She combines her professional skills with her interest in all things magical, fantastical and paranormal to produce interviews, reviews and essays. Her favourite video game is Luigi’s Mansion 2 and her second favourite band is Sabaton.

B. Bus, B.A, B. Bus & Comms (Hons). 
Instagram: @volare.oh.oh.cantare

Prince Apocalipstick

Staff writer & reviewer (Music)

Prince is a nonbinary professional witch moonlighting as a financial dominatrix. Living in Providence, Rhode Island with their bearded dragon Babs, it is unconfirmed whether or not they are a vampire. Social media is @vampiricvirgo for twitter and @daggerxdarling for instagram.

Cristalena Fury

Staff writer & reviewer (film & television)

Cristalena Fury is a published horror author and alternative model from the Philadelphia area. She considers herself a metalhead hippie who finds interest in everything dark, disturbing, and gory, with a love of big, black boots and all things chocolate on the side.

Instagram @cristalena.fury